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Whitelist Sadie Moss

You want to stay up to date on Sadie's writing? Join in on the newsletter! But just to make sure your spam blocker doesn't get in the way, here's instructions to whitelist Sadie Moss as a trusted email address.


Open an email from Sadie Moss. Hover over the '' email address until a window pops up. Click add to contacts on the bottom left corner of the window. Sadie Moss is now added to your contacts!


In your Settings, click Filters in the left menu and click Add. Type a '' for your filter in the 'Filter name' field. Select 'contains' in the 'sender' drop-down menu. Type the sender's email address in the "sender" text field. In the 'Move to Folder' drop-down menu, select 'Inbox'. Click the 'Save' button in the top bar to save the filter.


Click 'Settings' in the upper right corner then click 'Options'. There will be a list of choices; find and click 'Safe and blocked senders'. Under 'Safe Senders' you can add '' as a safe sender. 



In the upper right hand corner of your account, click on "Options". From there, click "Mail Settings". On the "Settings" page, click "Spam Settings". From there, choose "Allow mail only from addresses I specify" on the drop-down menu. Enter '', click the plus button, and click save to save your changes.



  1. Open your email.

  2. Click "Options".

  3. Click "Block Senders".

  4. Locate the "Safe List".

  5. Enter ''.

  6. Click "OK".


  1. Click "Address Book".

  2. Click "New" and click "New Contact".

  3. Add ''.

  4. Click "Save".

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